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The temperature above the North Pole is 65 degrees.Global warming is causing cold spells.

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Due to global warming, the North Pole is undergoing some of the most extreme changes, including a sharp drop in ice area.

This time, temperatures are expected to soar above the North Pole, bringing strange cold waves throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

A reporter from the new room covered it.


It was late last year when signs of abnormalities were detected over the North Pole.

In the stratosphere, which is 30 kilometers above the altitude, the temperature jumped 65 degrees Celsius from minus 75 degrees Celsius overnight to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

The unusual weather phenomenon, called sudden temperature in the stratosphere, is known to be a sign of abnormal cold temperatures.
The unusually heated air plunges into the troposphere, weakening the Arctic jet stream.

And through this gap, the Arctic's atmosphere is reaching mid-latitudes.

[Jeong Jeong-hoon/Professor of Geoscience at Chonnam National University] :"In one to two weeks, strong cold waves often occur. In this case, the cold spell is particularly likely to hit the eastern part of Europe and North America.

An abnormal cold wave is expected to begin next week.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) also analyzed that the cold weather on the Korean Peninsula is likely to last for a long time, depending on the course of the cold snap south of the peninsula.

Due to the rapidest possible Arctic impact of global warming, there is a growing paradox of global warming in the mid - latitudes, where cold winds are frequent.

[Kim Dong-joon/KMA Climate Forecasting Director: "Although the temperature in the Earth is rising, there is a strong possibility that the Arctic Ocean could have a cold spell due to the melting of the Arctic sea ice and the freezing temperatures in the region throughout the globe."

The number of cold snap days on the Korean Peninsula has more than doubled since 2010, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.

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